When asked about solutions to the problem he commonly refers

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Though doubts the speed in which these “catastrophic events” will occur. When asked about solutions to the problem he commonly refers to Nuclear Power and Natural Gas as alternatives to coal. I think that’s a good reasonable step in the right direction..

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From traditionalists to millennials, every generation lays claim to having the best experiences growing up, particularly if they’re discussing sports. When it comes to the NFL, baby boomers might just have the best case. After all, they watched the sport develop from the NFL AFL merger in the ’60s through the cable television boom of the ’80s..

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It’s a combination of Max having the amazing resume and deserving a chance at redemption (he gave that to Aldo as well), but also that there is nobody else in the division who has done anything to deserve it more. Ortega hasn’t fought in over a year since Max beat him like a rag doll. Frankie got outclassed by Max already this year and hasn’t been getting it done in big fights recently and was set to move down to Bantamweight.

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