STDs are curable, except for herpes and hpv (though it can go

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canada goose If you don’t have HIV/AIDS, then STDs are nothing to worry about, you are fine, you just have to keep your stress level down and eat healthy and stay in good shape, which you should do for your own well being anyway. STDs are curable, except for herpes and hpv (though it can go away on its own) and the first is just kind of annoying and something people make jokes about but it’s not going to kill you, the second, well yes technically if you aren’t careful and healthy if could kill you, but it’s so rare that you will get an std, and if canada goose outlet hong kong you do, like I said, you may not know you have it because it isn’t doing anything, and it can clear up. I’m so paranoid about STDs and I’m still technically a virgin! But after talking to a doctor and reading up on it, and hearing my mom tell me she had a lesion but was okay in the end, I realized that all I can do is try to protect myself as best as I can and get an annual check up. canada goose

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