At one o’clock In the morning Tuesday the enemy’s Infantry

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Muskogee Democrat Newspaper Archives

Muskogee Democrat (Newspaper) December 21, 1904, Muskogee, OklahomaMi THE REASON WHY THE DEMOCRAT LEADS IT PniNTS All tho New All tho Time ONLY EVENING ASSOCIATED PRESS buy canada goose jacket NEWSPAPER IN INDIAN TERRITORY MUSKOGEE DEMOCRAT. THE DEMOCRAT DELIVERKD AT YOUR DOOR EVERY RTENmO Its the Greatattt 61 Them All Vol. 1. Muskogee, Indian Territory, Wednesdfcy Ivening, December2J, 1904 Ho. 249 IMPORTANT JAP VICTORY REPORTED FROM TOKIO club house was burned Kre again at columbus AND PRACTICALLY ADMITTED canada goose clearance sale BY RUSSIAN ADMIRALTY The Japanese Have Gained One More Important Point and are Nearer than Ever to Port Arthur. War News. Fashionable Metropolitan Club Was Ruined. Including a $100,000 Loss. A NICE, FAT JOB IN SIGHT STIRS UP THE ANIMALS Large Business Block in the Buck j eye Capitol Is In Ruins. (By AsBOOiateil Press.) Tokto, Dec. 21. cheap canada goose uk The following report from Manchurlan headquarters was made public today: “On Monday at five o’clock p. m. the enemy’s artillery east of Day Mountain bombarded the neighborhood of Slnlin tung. At one o’clock In the morning Tuesday the enemy’s Infantry attrac ed us south of PicalobuBghan and at Tatzupac. “By four o’clock in (he morning he was repulsed. “Simultaneously the enemy’s Infantry attacked CMnsbantung Heilin tung and Huangtla and made a most vigorous attack In tb ntlgUborhood of Chlnshantung. “The fighting continued about an hour when the enemy was completely repalsed he had so casualties.” Important Capture. Headquarter! of the Japaneae Third Army Corps betort Port Arthur Dec. It gives much additional foothold for a general assault on the western half of the eastern fortified fidges. The Japanese now hold the seven protecting forts. KiwsianM Don’t TMnk flo. St. Petersburg, Doc. dining to give details, the Russian admlrallty admits that the Russian advices from Pori Arthur sent by Stoessel substantially confirmed the Japanese advices of a partial wrecking of liie Russian ships In the Port Arthur harbor. It is claimed that several of the larger ships and a respectable number of torpedo boat destroyers are still sea worthy but they are not being considered as factors in the coming flght betwee Togo’s shlpB and the Russian Second Pacific squadron. (By ARBorlatcd Press.) Washington. Dec. Involving a loss now estimated nt $100,000, partially covered by InRurnoce. The club has a large membership^ embracing some of the best known men In public life but fortunately none were In the building at the time of the fire. The only occupants were four employees, all of whom except the watchman escaped. The watchman was overco;oe by smoke but he was carried out by the firemen. He will recover. Togo Says 8o. (By Associated Press.) Toklo, Dec. 21. Admiral Togo who has Canada Goose sale personally made a series of observations of the Russian battleship Sevastopol telegraphs to the navy department, expressing his opinion that the Sevastopol is disabled. 9t The Iteports Tally. (Dy Associated Press.) Petersburg, Dec. 31. Wblle canada goose coats on sale de FiRhtine (Tothes On. The loss is estimated at two hundred and twenly flvo thousnnd dollar^. Five firemen were hnrt. The families escaped. hustling for depew AND THE REPUBLICAN FACTIONS ARE AFTER EACH OTHER The War is On Right Now and Involves Every Thing From a Muskogrc Ward Primary to the Election of U. S. Senators. Arranced for the Scebocck Recital Ibis Evcnlnj:. Kngland in tho >Iunb. (By Associated Press.) Toklo, Dec. 21. The British steamer King Arthur was captured by the Japanese while attempting to leave Port Arthur. She bad on board Rusiilan naval offlccrs who were attempting to Join the Russian second Pacific squadron. Following Is the program arranged for the 8eei>eock recital this evening under the auspices of the I^^dles Saturday Music Club: 1. Chopin, Two Short Preludes, Nocturne, Marche Funebre, Eande, Xf, flat major, Westerhout, Rondo d’ Amore, Lamond, Novelette. 2. Seeboeck. Countrj Danc, Shad’ ow Dance. Rainbow. Butterfly. By the Frog Pond, March Winds. The Bee, From music of nature. Aria, Bonr ree. Minute a I’antlco No. 3, From Suite in the old style. 3. Mendelssohn, Spring Song. God ard. Pans Flute, Arensky, Impromptu Liadoff, Berceuse, Alkan, Etude. 4. Czebray, Rhapsodic Hongroise, Wagncr Kuendlger, Paraphrase sur th. i es oy nil over the ring, but his blows lucked uuftlcl ent force to put a qui (ua on hlH opponent. The fight was an example of how much punching u human being could stand and not succumb. At all stages of the game Nt;Uon was badly punlshiid, but always kept gamely cuming up to the flring line all (hruuKh the twenty rounds of forced flghting. In one or two in tstmciiB ae had the local man lu dls tresii, but Britt’s excellent generul bhlp and (he udvke of hi secondM Haved him from going to me ropes. Nelson is unquestionably a wonder In the puglistic world. Time after time he took blows heavy enough to put out an ordinary flghter. canada goose coats Refcrree Roche announced that he gave the decision to Britt on cleaner hitting and the greater number of points scored, and a retrospect of the flght bears out th Justness of his dc elHlon. Althougli Nelson did canada goose factory sale most of the leading, Britt did plenty, and displayed greater Canada Goose Online ability as a boxer, and his blows were cleaner and more forceful. The majority of hits made by Nelson ware In close quarters. Nelson was badly deficient at long arm flghting in his attempts to reach his opponent, while both men when free were Ineffectual. The crowd was one of the largest even seen In Ban FranclBC4j. It is estimated that tho flghters will divide nearly t40. 000 between them. There were no vlsablc marks of pun. Ishment on NeUon except some slight Jufllness about thtt eyes, and Brltt’s fuco was bleeding In several places from the force of tha blows dealt by Nelson in clinches. tiulick Ri’Mlgns. t’ol. T. W (Jultck resigned as secretary of the local lodge of BIka al the uieetluK I’uettday night in order that he may devote all of (u the canada goose store duileti of Secretary Coniiiierclal Club. nan’s fate very near Closing Ars:unient8 tn the Patterson Case Are Hade. The Woman Confident. his time of the III WronK I’ew. Allen Taylor colored, was on trial before V. B. The uita live together htveral miles out In the country uiul Witt cluliUH Taylor got into hii> cash drawer. (By Associated Press.) New York, Dec. 21. Before anoth od cheap Canada Goose day NAn Patterson will probably know her fate. She was supremely confident this morning and said: “1 feel sure (hat the Jury belicvcM my story; I know of course that such things are awfully uncertain, bin I feel that 1 will be acquitted within a brief time after the Jury adJournH to deliberate.” The closing orKu meuts uf counsel were made today. “You cannot bring back the dead” said Levy, “but If (,’ae ar canada goose outlet Young were here today I think ho would speak a few wiT >i Investigation tho case is u worthy on;, canada goose uk outlet uld will be given. C. T. V. building. Which Have into Court Been Brought by the New York Life Insurance Co. (By Associated Press.) St. Louis, Dec. 21. Attorney B. F. A. Blair, of St. l.^>uls, former general cuunsel of the Louisiana Purchase exposition com; paoy, began taking teotlmony at the fede rl building today. Maddin lldw. Co., by canada goose agreement demurrer overruled. Judgment for plaintiff for $40(1.15. Hope Lumber Co., vs. Uowsey, dismissed by plaintiff. Case Plow Works vs. Idaddln. Judg ment for plaintiff fur $175g.31. Houek vs. Muskogee Oil A Oas Co. ^ Amended return filed. Default.

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