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canada goose I don know if he had to pay out of pocket or anything for his, but canada goose outlet hong kong even if he did, the total informative post cost to him for it could have well exceeded $1,500 in just co pays alone.He was nearly in tears when I told him to keep it all._roger_the_shrubber 63 points submitted 4 days agoI drove an underperforming employee to tears and basically ripped them a new one. Turns out the person never had a father figure to give them tough love and after hating me for a few weeks, they turned around not only their work performance, but also started questioning some of the underlying personal issues that led them underperforming in the first place. This resulted in them losing weight, doing therapy to deal with issues, and in general having a bit of a rebirth.didn do it out of altruistic reasons, her performance impacted my performance at work. uk canada goose canada goose

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