I’m asking you again why are you on this sub? If you have an

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canada goose coats I encountered 3 organised pickpockets live in action near Piccadilly Circus canada goose coats

Canada Goose Parka I gotten more lax as I canada goose outlet sale gotten older. I do really dumb shit like spin my phone in my hand in the middle of crowded streets and forget which pocket I put my wallet or phone in if it isn canada goose number uk my usual one, so they could be really easily accessed by canada goose outlet usa would be pick pocketers.However, I do remember seeing, what I think was a potential pick pocketer walking towards me a few months ago while I was crossing Westminster Bridge. I was obviously not paying attention and when I forward and made eye contact with him, he suddenly veered 3m to my left at the last second. The bridge was mostly empty on my side, so there was no reason for him to be walking close enough to almost brush by. It a popular show that attracts big crowds.I was with my wife and kids. canada goose outlet in vancouver After watching the show for a bit, we make our way into the store. She carrying one of our kids. I was a bit behind canada goose outlet england because of the crowds, but noticed some European looking lady following her a bit too close.Now it took me a while to figure out what was happening, but she was covering my wife handbag with her own plastic bag, unzipped it, and had her hand inside. I kept getting closer to confirm what I seeing (seriously, it packed and my eyes might be playing tricks) and she must have realised I was with her, so she backed canada goose outlet las vegas off.Whilst taking my wife to one side and confirming what happened, (thankfully nothing was missing although bag was wide open) I see the lady walk into the shop, look around for a bit, then walk out again.I really pissed off with myself that I didn realise sooner what was going on. If I was 100% sure, I would have stopped her.Anyway, I emailed Hamleys after, asking them if they were aware that their Elf Show is a pickpocket magnet, and that if they check the CCTV they can identify the pickpocket.They replied along the lines that “this happens all the time, and as no crime was committed, there nothing to investigate” (basically we don care about customer safety, just as long as everyone pays for our toys)Is that really true though? Just because people are prepared to pay a lot to move here, you say the city canada goose outlet london isn a mess? You don think that has more to do with the opportunities available than the organisation and structure of the city itself?Having lived on 3 different continents and in many countries within them, I can safely say that London is the biggest circus I have ever been a part of. Having grown up in Johannesburg, South Africa (apparently one of the most dangerous cities in the world), the first time I have been robbed at knife point was a couple of years ago in London.London is the only city I have been to that feels like an Orwellian dystopia every time I go outside. CCTV cameras everywhere. You being watched constantly yet somehow there is no sense of safety. You go to a tube station and constantly hear the disturbing “see it, say it, sort it” phrase being repeated like a mantra, yet you know if anything were to happen, it unlikely that something would be done.Thieves riding around on scooters with no license plates, canada goose uk black friday robbing people. This has been going on for years, https://www.georg-godorr.de yet the police refuse to acknowledge it is a problem that needs tackling. To the extent where a canada goose shop regent street group of YouTube bikers have formed a vigilante squad and are going after them. I’ve lived here many entire life lived through canada goose outlet in chicago the riots and never been mugged. The people I know that have been robbed have been clueless tourists.It is a prosperous city with lots of pockets of loving community. It is one of the best cities in the world to raise a family. Every city has crime and cameras that is the way it goes. Anyone that hopes to live in a city of millions without crime or surveillance is living in a dream world.I’m asking you again why are you on this sub? If you have an axe to grind go do it on the metropolitan police sub for not finding your attacker. No city is perfect but I have many bases for comparison and a lot of big cities have figured it out much better than London has.As for your “clueless tourists” comment. The mugging happened near a main road in shoreditch canada goose outlet while I was on my way back from a night out. So take your “clueless tourists” comment and shove it up your arse. This happened to a 6 young and fit dude. Imagine if it was someone more vulnerable.The very next day, the headline in the Evening Standard was about how there had been nearly 20 knife related deaths in the past two weeks.I don know where you found those rose coloured glasses you seem to be wearing but not every discussion about a city shortcomings is axe grinding. Where it be recorded on the IT system, a crime reference number generated, the IT system interrogated to see if a victim has reported the offence, the footage downloaded etc. Which would you prefer be done, the patrolling officers patrol having seen the footage or to head back to the station and spend an hoour duplicating the work of the person who job it is to take reports Canada Goose Parka.

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