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Rekindling the Affordable Housing Conversation

At the Dare County Board of Commissioners (BOC) meeting on June 4, Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman Bob Peele read a letter addressed to the BOC regarding the need for affordable housing.

?The housing crisis on canada goose black friday sale the Outer Banks is real,? he said.?Help wanted signs are seen everywhere, and we hear from businesses daily about their inability to find workers. This is not just a seasonal challenge it has become a year round one.?

canada goose expedition uk ?Professional jobs go unfilled at our hospital and in our healthcare system; people are hired but can?t find reasonably priced housing options so they leave.? canada goose expedition uk

canada goose shop review This is by no means a new rallying cry. canada goose shop review

canada goose outlet real When the BOC commissioned a year long Economic Development study that was conducted by outside consultants in 2016, finding ways to establish canada goose uk black friday more affordable housing was certainly on the to do list for long term goals. canada goose outlet real

And as any island local or seasonal worker will Canada Goose Parka tell you, finding an affordable place to live is the hardest aspect of living here.

But the presentation of the letter, and the ensuing ideas that the Chamber of Commerce came up with via a committee?s research, rekindled the conversation of affordable housing by starting with more small scale solutions.

?Basically, the Chamber had a three pronged approach,? said Donna Creef, Planning Director for Dare County in a later interview.?The chamber asked for zoning changes when it came to ADUs [accessory dwelling units], duplexes, and multi family structures.?Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

? Amend to add ADU standards to RS 6, RS 8, R 2, R 2A, R 2B, R2 H, R2 AH, R 3, S 1, C 2, C 2 H, C 3, I1.

? Language needs to be consistent across all zoning districts that requires ADUs only be subordinate in size to primary structures and not exceed the total conditioned space of the primary use structure with no specific size limitations. Obviously, Canada Goose Outlet in districts that have communities with covenants, the covenants would take precedence.

? Amend current ordinances within the County to allow ADUs in any and all districts possible.

canada goose store ? Remove the requirement that property owners, on parcels with ADUs, shall occupy the principal dwelling on the lot as their permanent residence. canada goose store

? All other current conditions for ADUs (limit of one per lot, ADUs will not be in front yards, ADUs shall not be sold as a separate unit unless the property can be subdivided, ADUs shall be constructed according to all applicable state and federal rules, etc.) should stay in place.

? Amend districts to make minimum duplex lot sizes consistent with single family in those districts that currently allow duplexes.

canada goose uk So how could these adjustments potentially play out on https://www.doloresnet.com Hatteras Island? Let?s take a closer look at each specific arena of housing. canada goose uk

Accessory Dwelling Canada Goose Coats On Sale Unit (ADUs)

Think of an accessory dwelling unit as a mother in law apartment. canada goose It?s essentially a secondary house or apartment that has its own kitchen, living area, canada goose coats or separate entrance that shares the property of a larger, primary house.

?The only areas [in Dare County] that specifically allow ADUs are newer Canada Goose Online districts? Manns Harbor, Wanchese and East Lake,? said Creef.?The idea is that we expand this to some of our older districts.?

So what this would mean is that through zoning changes, properties in areas without zoning restrictions could feasibly build and / or rent out existing ADUs to provide more housing. Subdivisions and communities with existing rules and covenants would obviously trump any zoning changes, but there are areas of the island where ADUs could be cheap canada goose uk accessible.

canada goose outlet mall ?With Frisco and Rodanthe, Waves, and Salvo not having zoning [restrictions], there are some opportunities there to do something constructive with ADUs,? said County Commissioner Danny Couch. canada goose outlet mall

But there are some challenges that could make this hard to implement on Hatteras Island? namely, flood zones.

?If we amend the zoning, and you have the lot coverage and the ADU, then you?re still going to have to build it to the federal flood rules,? said Creef.?We can?t throw out those restrictions? you still have to build to applicable codes.?

Essentially, structures have to be above a base flood level determined by their Flood Zone, as classified by the Federal Emergency uk canada goose Management Agency (FEMA.) So if you live in soundside Avon like I do and are in an AE flood zone, your base flood elevation is 8 ft. This means that many ground level garages, converted sheds or outbuildings, or other low lying dwellings canada goose outlet would not meet the criteria, and could not buy canada goose jacket cheap be used as an ADU? regardless of additional subdivision or zoning restrictions.

The duplexes proposal is arguably where Hatteras Island has the potential to have a little more leeway, and a few more options.

canada goose clearance sale In theory, the way this would work is that larger homes with multiple bedrooms could be divvied up into smaller, multiple units with minimal red tape. canada goose clearance sale

?There?s been discussions in the towns about multi family [options] where if you can build one eight bedroom house, can you build two four bedroom townhouses on the same lot?? said canada goose uk shop County Manager Bobby Outten at the BOC meeting.?You can have the same density, but you can cut the price point in half. Can we do things like that through zoning? It doesn?t cost anything, so they become policy choices that local governments can make that can have an impact.

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