I also suggest to anyone who else who interested in official

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People just don seem the think about the restrooms on the higher levels unless they have seats up there in the first place.I also suggest to anyone who else who interested in official merchandise, get there early. Honestly I was there at the venue all day because it incredible to see so many like minded people, we heard some members practicing before and during soundcheck even outside and the friends you can make is great. :>Drink water, bring sunscreen, and wear comfortable shoes your going to be on your feet for a long time and bangtan aren gonna care if you wore sneakers or not.

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You need to apply the veneer to the panels first, then cut panels to shape for the project, so that the veneer end grain is hid in the mitered joints as well. The benefit is veneers come in all sorts of woods and have very nice grain patterns. With lots of wood choices to pick from, you can get a nice look without using stain.

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However, a judge doing it charges you with a federal crime (which is why judicial contempt charges can be pardoned), whereas Contempt of Congress is not a federal crime (and cannot be pardoned). So I honestly not sure, and I imagine it would be up to the House to decide what to do about it. I assume Pelosi might be able to make the call regarding what actions to take once the House holds someone in contempt, but that just an assumption and could very well be wrong.

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