The names of the victims have not been released

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cheap canada goose uk Jordan is scheduled to appear in court in Abingdon, Va., on Monday.”The whole Appalachian Trail community of hikers and volunteers is profoundly sickened by the canada goose uk black friday horrific and deadly attack Saturday morning,” said Suzanne Dixon, president of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.The names of the victims have not been released, but law enforcement described the horrific scene that involved multiple agencies in a combined effort to catch Jordan.It is high season for “thru hikers” traveling the length of the famed scenic trail, which stretches along 2,100 miles from Georgia to Maine. Hikers typically begin around spring and trek north.The one mile length of the trail that passes through Wythe County Sheriff Keith canada goose outlet uk Dunagan’s jurisdiction about 350 miles southwest of Washington is extremely rural.Many hikers begin their trek in Georgia in March and early spring and would have traveled 500 miles by the time they reached southwestern Virginia, said Brian King, a spokesman for the Conservancy.Dunagan’s deputies were the first to encounter Jordan, several yards from the scene of Saturda’s attack. It had been reported that a man wielding a large knife, accompanied by a dog, had threatened a group of four hikers camped out late Friday night.Jordan allegedly pursued two of hikers, who fled north, but they eluded him.Dunagan said the male victim managed to trigger an SOS signal on his phone and the mobile cheap canada goose alternative service provider alerted deputies to his location, just north of the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area. cheap canada goose uk

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