Investors are putting 18 per cent of their ETF portfolios in

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moncler sale Culturally, Canadians are more conservative leaning in their investing and in 2018, weighted 33 per cent of their ETF portfolios toward fixed income, according to a National Bank of Canada report. Investors are putting 18 per cent of their ETF portfolios in bonds. According to BMO, fixed income ETFs have generated $5.4 billion in net new assets this year, while investors have placed just $1.9 billion in those that are equities based.. moncler sale

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moncler outlet sale Government entities, such as ‘Freddie Mac’ and ‘Freddie Mae’ recast this percentage several times during 2009 2010, so in order to position the association’s units as desirable to mortgage lenders, boards have used their percentages. A local lender can give you the desirable percentage today, since the number does have a tendency to fluctuate. (MORE). moncler outlet sale

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