Our production of Gypsy will feature Australian Theatre Star

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replica designer bags wholesale The Celebrated score, by Jule Styne replica bags high quality and Stephen Sondheim, boasts one glorious hit after another, including: ‘Let Me Entertain You’, ‘Some People’, ‘You’ll Never Get Away from Me’, ‘If Momma Was Married’, ‘All I Need Is The Girl’, ‘Everything’s Coming Up Roses’, ‘You Gotta Get A Gimmick’, ‘Small World’ and ‘Together Wherever We Go’.Our production of Gypsy will feature Australian Theatre Star Geraldine Turner as Momma Rose supported by an extremely talented local cast. Miss Turner is one of Australia’s most renowned musical theatre performers, having starred in shows including Chicago, Anything Goes and Guys and Dolls. She is a grande dame of the Australian stage replica designer bags wholesale.

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