4s faster than Lewis pace in that moment

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replica prada nylon bags About Bottas: I don know, there was not such a big difference in the pace between Lewis and Valtteri at least in the first 14 laps till Seb stop, in these laps Valtteri was 2 tenth faster than Lewis, it not a lot but: Valtteri Designer Fake Bags had 3.6s on Lewis and lewis 3.8s on Seb at lap 14, we saw that the “right” strategy was the Bottas one, but Mercedes was afraid of Seb, if we looks at the Seb pace on Friday he was around 27.6, 1.4s faster than Lewis pace in that moment, so they decided to cover on Seb with Lewis because he was in dangerous.Lewis with, let say 1,5s on Valtteri, because Valtteri was faster than Lewis, and the same 3.8s on Seb, than if Ferrari had stopped Seb at Lap 14 and if wholesale replica designer handbags I had been in Mercedes I would have stopped Lewis(again) to cover the first position on Seb and going longer with Bottas to try a different strategy and taking care of Max and Charles, and probably Bottas would have overcut Lewis and He would have won the race anyway. Instead If lewis had been closer to Valtteri let say just around 1,5s from him he would have had one more lap to see Vettel pace, Replica Bags Wholesale and probably Mercedes would have considered to wait a bit before stopping. It a conjecture, I don aaa replica designer handbags know if make sense for you guys : ). replica prada nylon bags

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