What might stop him from making it here is the technical aspect

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I bored as hell with this game and dunno why I continue, aside from it better than not playing. On rare occasion something will spawn that I could use candies for, and I actually found something new for the first time in ages last week (Combee?) The monthly legendaries with the research goals were nice, until they rolled back to Entei this month. I already got one, and don care for a whole 6 more candies..

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I just know that for my two pregnancies, my hormones were totally out of control, even before I knew I was pregnant (and so hangry all the time!). She might have seemed like she was overreacting in your eyes but I can see why she perceived your request as a lack of trust/competency. In any case, I took my pregnancy test twice because I want reproducibility and because I had a few miscarriages.

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